Choose A New Path to Wellbeing

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Transitions & Major Life Events

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Depression & Anxiety

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Have you experienced a major life event recently? Perhaps you've just moved here and are finding it difficult to settle, leaving you feeling anxious or lonely.

Maybe you've had a relationship breakdown or lost someone close to you, or you're seeking clarity as you move through an important phase of your life.

These kinds of events can feel overwhelming but having the right support can assist you to make sense of things and find a way forward.

Get Support to Find Relief

Living with the symptoms of anxiety or depression can be a daily challenge, impacting all facets of life, including work, relationships and health. However, you don't have to take this on alone.

In therapy, we take the time to get clearer on the underlying factors, build support and resiliency, and find a way to move forward together.

Many people find relief when past events are processed in a safe and supportive way.

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Grief & Loss

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Confidence & Self-Esteem

Ease the Pain

Grief can leave us in deep pain that can feel overwhelming or unbearable and may seem to never end.

Sometimes, we just feel caught in a deep sadness but cannot identify any obvious source.

Counselling can help to understand and to be with the intensity of grief. I'm here to offer a safe and welcoming space to be with this important experience.

Feel Good to be You

If you're finding it difficult to live confidently and feel good in who you are, therapy can assist to understand and remove blocks to self-acceptance.

We'll work together with skills to grow into greater self-compassion, allowing you to live with greater confidence and wellbeing.

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Art Therapy

Waterside Women

Creative Women's Circle

Access Creative Solutions

Sometimes, emotions need more than talking to be able to be expressed. Art therapy is a powerful and effective way to bring greater understanding to challenges as well as access creative solutions.

If you feel like you've been going round in circles talking, art therapy can help to get to the heart of things quickly. We use simple art making to explore issues and you need no previous art experience. 

Contact me if you're curious to find out more or to experience it for yourself.

Create & Connect

Join with other like-minded women for these creatively-focused women's groups.

We use meditation, creative expression and group work to explore themes and issues relevant to women.

If you're seeking a place to explore creatively, reflect and connect in a supported environment, please get in touch to find out more.