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Five Simple Daily Actions to Reduce Anxiety

Here are some simple steps you can take to help reduce anxiety.

1. Drink Water – its very simple but can often be overlooked - making sure you have enough water helps your body stay calm. Be sure to top up in the morning and throughout the day.

2. Vitamins – depleted vitamins can contribute to stress and anxiety symptoms. Including vitamin supplements can assist your body to regulate. Its worth speaking to a nutritionist but B Vitamins are often helpful, as well as magnesium at night to assist relaxation and sleep.

3. Reduce Caffeine – caffeine produces a stress response in our bodies, so if we are prone to anxiety its worth keeping an eye on caffeine intake. Even small steps to reduce your daily intake are helpful. Try switching coffee for tea or caffeine-free other substitutes.

4. Routine – life is always changing but it can help to have some routine to increase our sense of stability and predictability. Setting out a daily schedule helps reduce making lots of decisions through the day.

5. Identifying Your Supports – who are the people you feel really safe and comfortable with? Where are the places that bring you a feeling of wellbeing? What activities nourish you? Write a list of the things that support you and make sure to make time for these things, as well as turn them in times you need more support.

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